At the finish line, when his car is a blur, you can clearly see why Robert Yates builds his engines using our cutting fluids.

Champion NASCAR engine builder Robert Yates knows that in race cars, you get out what you put in. And considering the results he usually gets, it's obvious that he puts in the best. 

Texaco features a complete line of outstanding products suitable for a wide variety of applications in the manufacturing industry. These products meet or exceed most OEM and industry requirements for their intended uses. 

Cleartex and Cleartex CF Cutting Oils
Cleartex and Cleartex CF cutting oils are tri-purpose, anti-mist, metalworking oils that can be used as cutting oils, machine tool lubricants and hydraulic fluids. They offer superior protection against rust and oxidation. The CF series offers the same high performance, and is chlorine-free. 

Transultex and Transultex CF Cutting Oils
Transultex and Transultex CF are light colored, anti-mist, active sulfur cutting oils designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations. Transultex CF series is chlorine-free. 

Sultex Cutting Oil
Sultex Cutting oils are dark colored, heavy duty, active sulfur cutting oils. 

Sultex oils are designed for tough machining operation such as: 

  • Threading
  • Tapping
  • Broaching
  • Alloys that are difficult to machine

Way Lubricants
Way Lubricants are premium products designed for machine tools and other types of equipment slides and ways requiring tacky, non-corrosive products having extreme pressure properties. 

Starplex Greases
Starplex greases are premium lithium complex soap, multipurpose, extreme-pressure (EP) greases compounded with a highly refined paraffinic base oil. They are designed for heavy duty equipment and automotive uses. 

In service Starplex greases provide: 

  • Good mechanical and oxidative stability
  • Water resistance
  • Rust protection
  • Performs well in high and low temperatures where mineral oil based greases are preferred

EDM Fluid
EDM Fluid is a high flash, low viscosity, oxidation resistant fluid that is specifically formulated for use in electrical discharge machines. 

Almag Oil
Almag oil is a light pale, transparent, low viscosity mineral oil that is particularly well suited for machining and grinding of aluminum and magnesium, and their alloys.

Rando HD
Rando HD is a premium grade, anti-wear hydraulic oil series. They are specifically designed to contribute to the long life of hydraulic equipment. 

In service Rando HD provides: 

  • Minimal pump wear
  • Guard against oxidation and thermal breakdown
  • Inhibit rust and foaming
  • Rapid release of any entrained air

Rando HD meet or exceed leading manufacturers' hydraulic requirements. 

Hydra-Way 32 Oil
Hydra-Way 32 oil is a slideway oil specially designed for machine systems using a common lubricant sump. Hydra-Way 32 oil offers the perfect combination of hydraulic and way lubricants. 

Meropa Lubricants
Meropa lubricants are industrial gear lubricants that work hard in enclosed gear boxes and in many circulating systems to resist thickening caused by high temperatures. Meropa is rust and foam inhibiting and offers excellent extreme pressure properties. 

Soluble Oils
Soluble oils offers excellent cooling lubricity and rust protection for use in a wide range of grinding and machining operations.