Pulp and Paper

Texaco features a complete line of outstanding products suitable for a wide variety of applications in the Pulp and Paper industry. These products meet or exceed most OEM and industry requirements for their intended uses. 

Rando HD
Rando HD is a premium grade, anti-wear hydraulic oil series. It is specifically designed to contribute to the long life of hydraulic equipment. 

In service Rando HD provides: 

  • Minimal pump wear
  • Guard against oxidation and thermal breakdown
  • Inhibit rust and foaming
  • Rapid release of any entrained air

Rando HD meets or exceeds leading manufacturers' hydraulic requirements. 

Regal R&O
Regal R&O oils are turbine-quality circulating and compressor oils formulated to perform over a wide range of operating temperatures. Regal R&O oils are recommended in circulating systems where water contamination is a problem. Regal R&O heavier grades meet the AGMA R&O specifications and are recommended for gear units requiring these specifications. 

PMO Premium Oils
PMO Premium oils are low-ash paper machine oils and contains anti-wear additives. 

In service PMO Premium provides: 

  • Excellent detergency
  • Excellent demulsibility for ease of water removal
  • Excellent filterability
  • Rust and oxidation protection

Starplex Greases
Starplex greases are premium lithium complex soap, multipurpose, extreme-pressure (EP) greases compounded with a highly refined paraffinic base oil. They are designed for heavy duty equipment and automotive uses. 

In service Starplex greases provide: 

  • Good mechanical and oxidative stability
  • Water resistance
  • Rust protection
  • Performs well in high and low temperatures where mineral oil based greases are preferred

Starfak Greases
Starfak greases are premium quality greases which contain a synthetic base fluid and a lithium complex soap thickener. They are recommended in severe applications with high loads or elevated temperatures. 

Starfak PM greases are undyed and are specifically recommended in paper machine applications. 

Coupling Greases
oupling Greases are a lithium thickened product which offers superior resistance to oil separation by centrifugation. It is also suitable for use in all types of flexible couplings, as defined by AGMA Coupling Grease Specifications CG-1, CG-2 and CG-3. Coupling Greases has a consistency which overlaps the NLGI grades 0 and 1.

Meropa Lubricants Meropa lubricants are industrial gear lubricants that work hard in enclosed gear boxes and in many circulating systems to resist thickening caused by high temperatures. Meropa is rust and foam inhibiting and offers excellent extreme pressure properties. 

Aquagear EP
Aquagear EP series consists of multigrade, extreme pressure industrial type gear lubricants. It is specially formulated to perform in gear drive units where rusting, due to severe water contamination is a problem. 

Aquagear products have the ability to absorb free standing water so that equipment continues to get the proper lubrication. 

For information on the safe handling and use of these products, please refer to the U.S. Material Safety Data Sheets. For additional information and availability of product, please call 1-800-782-7852.